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Created to Love

Created to Love is the part of our curriculum for our high school teens focused on formation in healthy relationships and sexuality.

The Archdiocese of Baltimore is committed to providing young people and their parents with education about healthy relationships and human sexuality.  This teaching is a beautiful but also an important component of our faith formation curriculum.  The National Directory for Catechesis (NDC, Chapter 6, 178) calls for catechesis in human sexuality which “recognizes the duty of pastors and parish catechetical leaders to support and encourage parents as they carry out their role as educators of their children in human sexuality as well as to provide additional instructions regarding Catholic teaching and values that complement and complete the formation provided by parents.”

We implement this teaching through a 4-part curriculum aimed specifically at high school students called Created to Love. Created to Love includes sessions on Healthy Relationships, Decision Making, Abstinence, and the Sacramentality of Marriage.  These 4 sessions are offered in 2 sessions freshman year and 2 sessions sophomore year. The entire Created to Love resource is linked below and can be reviewed in its entirety.  If you have any questions after reviewing the material, please contact Caroline Clark.

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to keep our young people safe and healthy.


Created to Love (document from archdiocese)

Opting Out
Parents of teens who would rather cover these topics at home, are able to opt-out. We ask that these families simply complete an opt out form (see below) and return it to the parish office.  Contact the Faith Formation office to learn more about opting-out.

 Opt-Out Form (Created to Love)