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Weekend Backpack Program

              Weekend Food Backpack Program

In our first year we delivered 3,693 bags of food on 37 weekends to as many as 115 students each week.  This is over 22,000 meals for hungry children.  You are making a difference that is of great importance to those children we serve!  We are continuing our involvement in this very valuable program for children who receive free or reduced priced lunches in the Middletown High School feeder area.  Our parish will participate by collecting a specific food item each month throughout the year according to the schedule below.  A basket is located outside the parish office. In addition, donations can be brought to Faith Formation classes.  This “Backpack Project” basket is in addition to the regular Middletown Food Bank basket that will continue.  Additionally, gifts cards may be purchased and given to Deacon George in support of this effort.  Our Middle and High School youth will continue their involvement by packing the items at Middletown United Methodist Church on the third Tuesday of every month.  If you are interested in helping, please contact the parish office.

The other organizations that are participating so far are: Middletown Valley People Helping People (MVPHP), Christ Reformed United Church of Christ, and Zion Lutheran Church.  Middletown United Methodist Church is leading the effort. 

each item as listed below.

Month          Item needed

Aug             can of pasta, ravioli’s Spaghetti O’s or stew – 15 oz

Sept            can of tuna or chicken 5-7 oz

Oct             snack items:  raisins, granola bars, fruit snacks

Nov             individual serving size boxes of cereal or packets of oatmeal  

Dec             (Donations will be part of the Helping Hands collections)      

Jan              juice boxes – 100% juice – 6.75 oz

Feb             ramen noodles (3 oz)  or can or cup of soup (10 oz)

Mar             mac and cheese 7-8 oz

Apr              individual packages of cheese and crackers, pretzels, pudding cups

Summer     any item from list above