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Elizabeth Ministry

Elizabeth Ministry is an outreach to women in special times of motherhood. The purpose of this ministry is to affirm, support, encourage, and assist women in response to their needs during the childbearing years.  Elizabeth Ministry follows the example of the scripture story of the Visitation by bringing women together who share a similar story.

Our parishioners involved in helping with this ministry are here to help those experiencing a difficult pregnancy, infertility, and/or grief from a miscarriage or death of a young child by being by your side offering prayer and resources to help.  Please contact the parish office to be connected to this ministry.

Remembering and Honoring Our Children

Children lost through miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, illness or injury

Anually in the month of November Holy Family remembers babies and children lost through miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, illness or injury.  Grief over the loss of a child is profound and long lasting.  This opportunity allows our community to grieve with those who have lost a child.  If you have lost a baby or child, please know that you are in our prayers and we invite you to participate in this special celebration.