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A parish cannot survive without the generosity of its parishioners. Funds are needed to perform charity and service functions, to pay staff, and to maintain our beautiful house of worship. Inflation has far surpassed the old tradition of 'throwing a dollar into the basket' as it passed by during collection time, and your financial support is truly a gift from God!  We are all encouraged to make a thoughtful and sacrificial contribution to our parish -- with the guideline of 10% of our income suggested:  5% to the parish and 5% to any other of your favorite charities.  These are guidelines. Give as generously as you prayerfully can afford given your financial situation.  Consider giving through Electronic Funds Transfer, provided by Faith Direct, which automatically deposits your contribution in a church account.

You can be assured that Holy Family will be careful stewards of your contributions. Our Finance Committee develops and approves a balanced budget, which is reviewed by the Pastor and Pastoral Council to assure it is in accordance with our mission statement. The Finance Committee meets regularly to review income and expenses, and financial audits are performed periodically by the Archdiocese of Baltimore to insure compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.