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Parish Support Ministries

There are many ministries that the parish depends on its parishioners to help out with in order to keep certain administrative and upkeep costs to a minimum.  Several of these ministries can be performed at a time convenient for the volunteer.  We welcome any help you are able to provide! Please fill out the form below or call the parish office if you are interested in volunteering or would like more information.  

Church Cleaning: The cleanliness of our church facility is maintained by our parishioners, saving us thousands of dollars each year.  Members work in teams to do light cleaning of the interior of the facility on a weekly basis.  Teams of 5 people are scheduled every 4 weeks on Monday mornings. Those who are not available on Monday mornings but are interested in this ministry can make arrangements that work best with their personal schedules. Responsibilities include vacuuming the oriental rugs, vacuuming the sanctuary, vacuuming the carpeted area in the Narthex and cloister walk, dusting, and cleaning mirrors and doors.  Annual fall cleaning is done on a sign-up basis. 

Horticulture: Holy Family prides itself on enhancing our physical surroundings with the beauty of nature.  The green plants that can be found throughout the facility are maintained by members of the Horticulture committee.  Volunteers usually work in teams of 2 people and are scheduled to water once a month.  Re-potting, washing and trimming workdays are scheduled bi-annually.  A green thumb is not required to participate in this ministry!

Landscape Committee:The beauty of our facility is evident both indoors and out.  Since our building was first built, volunteers have labored tirelessly to design, plant and maintain the outdoor landscaped areas.  Landscape work days are scheduled throughout the year for planting, weeding, and trimming.  These are perfect opportunities to volunteer with the entire family and involve children.  Members help to oversee the landscaping and/or simply help out on scheduled work days.

Office Volunteers: Volunteers work as needed performing various office type functions in support of the Parish staff.   Assistance with answering phones either from 9-12 or 12-3 Monday through Friday is also needed.

Welcome Committee: Members of the Welcome committee reach out to new parishioners shortly after they are registered to welcome them, answer any questions they may have, and inform them of our next Welcome Gathering.  Gatherings are held the second Sunday of each month after the 9:00 and 11:00 AM Masses.  New parishioners are offerered a tour and brief history of our church and given a small token Welcome Gift Bag.