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Designated Gifts/Donations/Bequests

Gifts and donations can be made large and small and for designated or undesignated purposes. 

Stocks, securities, even houses can be donated to the church.  The proceeds from these can then be used for designated purposes, such as statuary to memorialize deceased parents or other important people in your life, or can be unrestricted and used at the discretion of the Pastor and Pastoral Council.  Consult with a financial or estate planner and discuss your plans with the pastor and/or Financial Manager at Holy Family.

Please read below for various ways to support your parish:

Types of Gifts

There are many ways to make a gift and you can decide what your gift will benefit.  Unrestricted gifts will be used where there is the greatest need, while restricted gifts may be contributed to a specific program or fund.

  • Outright Gift - A one time gift (cash, check or credit card) without conditions or terms of trust.
  • Pledge -A signed and dated commitment to make a gift over a specified period of time.  
  • Stock Gift - A donation of stock.
  • Deferred Gift - A charitable gift arrangement where use of the asset is delayed to some future time.
  • Endowments - Funds to be kept permanently and invested to provide income for ongoing support.
  • Bequest - A contribution made by an individual after their death through a provision in their will.
  • Legacy Giving - Also referred to as planned giving, a term used to describe a variety of charitable gifts that can be given during an individual's lifetime and whose residual funds indefinitely support Holy Family or a specific program or fund.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity - Typically an agreement in which cash or other assets are transferred to a charitable organization in exchange for its promise to pay the donor an annuity for life.
  • Retirement Plan Assets - Naming Holy Family or a specific program or fund as beneficiary or partial beneficiary of a retirement plan.
  • Trusts - Money, securities or property that are held under a trust agreement to provide income for the beneficiary.
  • Corporate Matching - A donation from an employer matching the employee's charitable contribution, thereby doubling the contribution of the employee's gift.
  • In-Kind Gift - A contribution of equipment, supplies, labor or other property.