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Offertory donations fund the operations of the parish including, but not limited to, utilities, facility upkeep, staff payroll, liability & property insurance.  It subsidizes our Religious Education Program, and covers the costs associated with the daily and weekend liturgies for the parish. 

Mortgage & Capital Improvement donations pay for our monthly mortgage on the John Charles Moore Social Hall, as well as any large capital purchases associated with the physical buildings and property,  including the parish house located off site.

Holy Family Catholic Community accepts contributions in a variety of ways. 

  • Offertory envelopes are mailed to registered parishioners monthly, unless requested otherwise.  These packets include a weekly envelope for offertory and mortgage, a monthly envelope for Catholic School Education, maintenance & repairs, utilities (heating oil or electric), and a monthly Archdiocesan collection for various charities.
  • EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer Program, is a convenient, effortless means of donating.  You may contribute weekly, monthly, or whatever fits your needs to whatever fund you wish to contribute.  Faith Direct is our contracted provider for this service.  Contribution cards are provided for you to drop in the offertory basket showing your support of the parish.  A one-time online enrollment allows you to monitor and/or change your donations as needed.  Enroll online or download an enrollment form by clicking on the links.  An enrollment form can also be picked up from the parish office in order to participate.
  • Auto Bill Pay with your bank is another option.  You log in to your online banking system and set up a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even one-time payment to be sent to Holy Family.  We process this donation as we would any donation check received.  Please mark in the memo of this check where you intend this donation to be applied, i.e. offertory, mortgage, repairs, etc.  By including your envelope number also facilitates the recording of your donations.
  • Loose check donations in the offertory basket are also recorded in our records for end of year tax statements for registered parishioners only.  Loose cash donations, obviously, cannot be recorded.

Please prayerfully consider supporting Holy Family Catholic Community by donating on a regular basis using one of the above methods.  We make every effort to be good stewards of your generous donations.