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Online Giving

Modern technology has facilitated the transfer of money.  Rather than writing checks or putting cash in the offertory basket, computer technology allows us to electronically transfer money (EFT) directly from your account to a Holy Family or St. Francis-St. Mary account.  

If you choose this program, you may sign up through our provider, Faith Direct.  Faith Direct offers a secure way for you to send, and our pastorate to receive, your regular contributions, even when on vacation or business takes you out of town, or an illness prevents you from attending Mass.  Faith Direct also provides you with a personalized 'offertory card' that you can choose to place in the collection basket as a visible sign of your support.  You may visit the Faith Direct website  for more information and to enroll, download the enrollment forms below, or call the parish office.

To donate online to Holy Family, select the Faith Direct website, select Give Now and enter the code MD427.

To donate online to St. Francis-St. Mary, select the Faith Direct website, select Give Now and enter the code MD905.

Holy Family enrollment form

St. Francis-St. Mary enrollment form